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Winterton-On-Sea fishermen from the late 1940's
Winterton-On-Sea is an ancient village with one of the earliest recordings being in the Domesday book of 1086.

Historically, the main activities in the village were split between fishing and farming but it was the former in which Winterton-On-Sea men excelled.
Nowadays the beach remains important for the village, but for tourism and leisure rather than the fishing.

As well as longshore fishing the village men of the 1800's saw salvage work as a lucrative business. Known as 'Beachmen' they would look out for ships in distress and thus would begin a race to reach the stricken vessel and retrieve the cargo before rival beachmen from nearby villages such as Happisburgh and Caister.

Reminders of the fishing hey-days can be found in the many old photos on display in the Coastguard Watch Tower at the top of the beach.

For those interested in local genealogy the churchyard is a good place to start, with many generations of the old Winterton-On-Sea families buried there.